Agri S.M.I. servizi macchine impianti agricolo industriali

DAIRY for 200 �300 �500 - 800 LT and over.

caseifici da 200- 300- 500- 800 litri lira frangicagliata
The �lira� tipical device to crumble curd
With double orbital rotation.

caseifici - dairy machinesPremounted pastorisation plant on s.s. frame for 200-300-500 -800 lt milk capacities.
Once the water line ,electric mains are connected and diesl fuel to the burner, the machine it is ready to be used.

The “lira” to crumble curd can be with fixed rotary axle or with variable speed motor-agitator.(over 500 lt model)

By our ice water bank of 5000 kcal or 7500 kcal.
It is also possible the milk refrigeration up to 4°C for conservation.

Recovery hot water in a boiler of 100 lt
To be reused for milk heating or for washing.

caseifici - dairy machinesFixed milk tank with discharge valve DN 80 or mobile tank with lifter for a better curd discharge. (over 500 lt model)
Stailesssteel table on wheels of several measures.
Many cheese shapes and collecting curd plate

Curd heating table or s.s. press to dry curd moulds.